In this blog i will use what i learnt in my life and how it built me to thirst for success and never look back at where it all started but to where am heading even currently. Am hoping my life examples will help you understand how to battle your mind.


I can recall how many times am faced with situations that put me down, that i forget that before i become 1 year i was a toddler crawling trying to balance both legs. My mum would walk me slowly and i would stumble and fall but eventually i challenged myself and today i can say those baby steps have helped me realize what i want in life and make wise decisions. In life when we watch a child make their first steps we want to run and save them but they cry and refuse because they want to do it their selves because deep inside them they have a burning thirst to walk without support.

A child’s baby steps is not only important to the child but us because we can find it an important stage that shows growth and development in the mind of a child and their determination at a tender age. In life that is how we should deal with situations taking every step cautiously and confidently believing we can achieve what we dream or desire. Each step we make should be well calculated and planned in order to achieve our goals in life. We should not let negative circumstances chew our hope in being successful instead we should strive to be above and not below.


In my teen days i was an enthusiast even today of driving to be more specific racing, inspired by Vin Diesel and late Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson in Fast and Furious i started having a thirst to drive. At around 2005 my mum had bought her first new car it was a Nissan station wagon a very unique model in the country since it was among the first new models to venture the Kenyan Market. When it was bought around July 2005 mum was head over heals since it was a big achievement in her life and a dream she had to won her own car and drive to wherever she wanted. Earlier when i was a 3years living in the ghetto she had promised me to drive since i was a child and she saw that an empty promise would make me to stop bothering her but little did she know it was a thirst that grew so much that today am among the fastest drivers ever and build a brand from it through speed and moderation.

How i started might sound foolish but it all started in 2005 when she had bought the new car. When i saw it i was so anxious and excited because i would like other kids who had cars and i would feel a sense of belonging and most important DRIVE. However, all that was just a dream that was crashed with one remark,”YOU DON’T HAVE A LICENSE SO YOU CAN DRIVE.” yes, i know how you also feel, tears came down my eyes and my heart was so crashed that i never ate and when to sleep. Each day she drove to and fro my heart become more crushed until one day i decided enough is enough. We used to live in a 2 house bedroom my parents room was direct opposite ours and for the kids we were squeezed since the room was small and couldn’t accommodate us  as we wanted however we had adjusted well.

Each day they went to bed I’d follow them to bed pretending am going to sleep so that i could see where they each played the cars keys. I did it for one month without any suspicion created and this become an addiction with one goal to drive because it was what i wanted. My mum’s earlier remark was very true i couldn’t drive because i was a minor without license approval by the government. I built a craving for driving and each day we could board a public vehicle i would sit and the drivers sit and ask questions related to cars and i made sure i knew both manual and automatic cars and the dos and donts of driving.Due to this i took a driving book from my dads books so that i could learn and build myself up.

After all the basic my plans began to avail slowly, i used to wait until they had gone without the car and then take the car keys and drive. My dad used to talk about 3 Point turn and that was my first step until i became a pro. Later that year we moved to a new county where i was limited to privacy since it was an apartment. My parents used to park close to a place where the caretaker needed to open a lid and check the water level but due to the car being on it it was an obstacle. So he came and knocked and told me to remove the car, at first i had my doubts due to the new environment but i became confident and eventually moved the car. Since my parents never used to drive a lot i the car’s battery was always low and i used to be told to take it to be charged. But after the interest i had built a new about jump starting cars and driving.

On one Saturday evening i was washing the car and since it was late, i had to park the car where the following day it won’t be an obstacle to me. I did so and next morning my mum woke up to a shock since she found the car at a different position. When she inquired i played dumb and my dad tried to move the car but was also in shock due to the position.After they had given up i told her to give me the keys and open the gate,in 3 seconds i was outside the gate driving backwards. They were speechless only a few neighbors new about my driving skills. So i made her make a choice in dilemma that if she doesn’t accept me to drive where there are no cops outside the highway i would be stealing her car. She had no option in real sense i would but i had to have a stand.

From my story i have a few points you should keep in mind:

  1. Never say never
  2. Don’t limit your potential
  3. Fight every form of negative spirit
  4. Be determined in what you want
  5. Be a risk taker
  6. Challenge and take the extra mile
  7. You are your own friend or foe
  8. Believe in yourself
  9. Be passionate in all your activities and so it for a good course.
  10. The first step is the most important
  11. It’s not how you start but how you finish
  12. No one can understand you, but YOU

Look at me now!! Life is a journey don’t stop dreaming and building yourself.