The  first kiss never fades from our hearts, just one more kiss is what we desire to smile again, all this our memories for the first day our hearts skip a beat, our legs ready to fly to the sky, our eyes open like a rose flower and our minds whirl like a tornado. We never want to let go off the place,time and person that made us learn this new mouth to mouth resuscitation.  As years blossom our first love,says goodbye and no rose or promise can fade from our gentle and life full hearts pounding for the next moment, Just to see them again.

Years pass and we meet new people,trends change and so does the affairs of the heart,  that smile turns to agony and that kiss turns to bitter lemon, our thoughts linger as we search for that second  chance to smile again and hear those promises that we first accepted heard when we knew nothing about love but to our disappointment  those are just cherished memories that will always be treasured in our hearts till we part with life.

Down the alter we exchange vows for better or for worse we declare, our legs jumping, our minds flashing and our hearts beating for this person with the keys to our hearts. After the honey moon comes the dramas of life,fighting and abuse become our new way of life,  tears on the sidewalk and we sit to remember how it all began. ” No going back!”  we promise ourselves but tied to the alter we become slaves of a promise which can’t b broken easily by pen and paper. No more smile no more love just misery that covers our small fatigue eyes,veins coming out like a person high of steroids, our heart beats faster as we are rushed to the doctors parlor.  Knock knock reality dawns!!!

It’s easy to say “I DO”  but is hard to maintain those words, love isn’t roses until you decide to always water it with commitment, responsibility,trust and real love. Divorce and separation shows our weak points and also why we were blinded by our gentle hearts.Promises will always be broken and tears will always have to drop. You can decide to cry or stand firm and face your fears with the one who accepted you for who you were or you can run and be a fool of love.Whatever choices you make,remember it’s an invest,the returns could be a court order or happy marriage.Happily ever after are just fairy tales and not realities.They never say how many times you will want to let her or him go.Choices must be strategic and promises must be maintained through ups and downs.